So what’s the MOBI Movement all about?

No more need to try and keep up with punch Loyalty Rewards Cards or printed Coupons and discounts offers. With MOBI it’s simple and easy to shop for the best deals from your favorite Retail Businesses, select those savings, and store them in the Wallet feature of your Smartphone. Our Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. So when you shop you will always have your Loyalty Reward Card and great savings discounts to redeem, stored in your Smartphone wallet. You can even share your great finds with your friends using the SHARE feature inside the MOBI app.

There’s nothing to buy. MOBI is free to download and the Rewards & Discounts are free to redeem at your favorite Retailer.

“MOBI is your Community APP for Living”. Search for great deals, Loyalty Reward Cards, community news & information, new Brands & Products, services, and much, much more.

Join the MOBI Movement! Download MOBI and start saving today. Share MOBI with your friends and invite your favorite retail stores to be a part of the MOBI movement.

“MOBI, Your community App for savings and rewards!”

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