What is MOBI?

MOBI is a community based APP designed for the local Retail Business owner who desires to reach the growing digital market place. A “Community” based APP, is a single app that includes a wide variety of Retail businesses and community services and information inside one APP. Community Apps attract a large segment of the consumer market, as opposed to single user Apps with narrow market targets. MOBI allows Retail Businesses, like yours, to reach new and existing customers throughout the market place by using Smartphone technology. Shoppers and buyers utilize a single app to locate businesses offering great deals and rewards.

MOBI allows individual Retail Businesses the ability to develop a Loyalty Reward program and offer discounts and incentives that can be accessed on a customer’s smartphone. These Loyalty Reward cards and Coupons can be saved in the Wallet function of any Smartphone. Redeeming a discount or Loyalty Reward is simple, easy and quick using the QR [quick response] function also included in the MOBI APP.

How does this Benefit my Business?

In today’s digital world everyone is connected by their Smartphone. Smartphones are an integral part of our everyday lives, 24/7. Today banking, buying and shopping are common place on our Smartphones. It’s the Modern Mobile Billboard of the age. Developing a Loyalty Reward program that can be accessed via a Smartphone is simple, easy and smart business.

You can build and grow repeat business by offering an incentive for customers to return and make additional purchases. Just 5% of your existing customers making 3 additional purchases throughout the year equals a 15% increase in sales revenue, that’s just with 5%, what if you could attract and increase repeat business from 10-15% of your customer base, you can do the math!   Offering incentives, special promotions and product discounts on MOBI attracts new shoppers, which in turn become loyal customers.


*Low Start Up Cost *Increase Customers
*Fully Managed, Flexible Service *Increased Traffic & Margins
*Increased Customer Loyalty  *Expanded Product Lines

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